Golden Wavy Mouse Has The Luscious Locks Many Women Dream Of

Mice are cute. I mean, I get why people might be iffy about the wild mice that dig through the cupboards, leave poop in drawers, and have questionable hygiene, but pet mice are adorable. They're so tiny and have those twitchy whiskers and round ears. I love them to pieces. In fact, they come in a wide variety of colors: black, white, cream, red, chocolate, lilac, blue, fawn, silver, dove, champagne, cinnamon, golden agouti, and silver agouti.

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A medium-sized, golden-colored (rich ochraceous tawny) white-footed mouse with soft, thick pelage; larger than the fulvous harvest mouse and without grooves on upper incisors; feet white; underparts pale cinnamon buff; tail brownish, darker above than below. Dental formula: I 1/1, C 0/0, Pm 0/0, M 3/3 × 2 = 16. Averages for external measurements: total length, 176 mm; tail, 78 mm; hind foot, 19 mm. Weight, 15–25 g.