Haworthia Cooperi: The Unique Succulent That Has See-Through Leaves

A must-have plant for black and green thumbs alike, succulents are low-maintenance beauties. From pink roses to green bunny ears, they bloom in lots of different shapes and colors. If you already have a colorful plant collection and you’re looking for a unique addition, we found a succulent that’ll brighten your garden because of its lack of color.

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The "see-through" Haworthia cooperi is a rare succulent with transparent leaves. Native to South Africa, this type of succulent grows slowly in clusters with soft, fleshy leaves that are clear at the top. Like most succulents, they don't require a lot of upkeep. Just make sure not to over-water them. There are different varieties of Haworthia cooperi, and they're available to purchase at Amazon, Home Depot, and Etsy. The highly-rated Green Acres Plants on Etsy is selling a truncata variety of the succulent for $14.99. It's so popular that it's earned a "Bestseller" badge. To make the leaves more translucent, the seller recommends placing the succulent in the shade for a few weeks. This will create "a window" for more light absorption. This juicy-looking succulent goes by many names, such as Cushion aloe, Window haworthia, Star window plant, and Zebra cactus. Its transparent leaves are just so mesmerizing to look at, especially when the light penetrates through them and makes the bulbs gleam.