Man Spotted With Tiny Kitten On Subway Is Restoring People's Faith In Humanity

Gillian Rogers was riding the New York City subway on her way home when a man sitting right in front of her caught her eye. At first, the man seemed just like your average NY freak, sitting on the subway with an orange towel covering his lap. It only took a few seconds for the woman to realize the man was not alone. And in a flash, it perked up her mood.

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He was cradling a tiny kitten wrapped in a towel, on his lap. "He was bottle-feeding her," Rogers told The Dodo. "You could see the caring. My heart felt like it was going to explode to see someone with that much caring. He was so in the moment." It wasn't just the sight of the adorable kitten that made the scene so special for Roberts; it was the intense, almost clear feelings of tenderness and care that the man seemed to exude whilst tending to the little cat.