Picasso Bugs Are Like Beautiful, Stinky Works Of Art

It's not every day you see a picture of a bug and think, "Wow. That's a beautiful bug." But it's also not every day that one is literally named after a famous artist, so it's safe to this little guy is a super special insect. Allow me to introduce you to Sphaerocoris annulus, AKA the "Zulu Hud Bug", AKA the Picasso bug, an insect so gosh darn pretty that the biologists who discovered it were reminded of something the great Pablo Picasso himself might have painted.

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First of all, the highly descriptive term of Picasso Bug serves as one of the common names of a visually stunning variety of arthropod. However, this marvelous insect also goes by the alternate common name of the Zulu Hud Bug. But most professional researchers know the invertebrate best by the quite difficult to pronounce scientific name of Sphaerocoris annulus. However, regardless of the term one uses to refer to it, this marvel of Nature truly catches the eye.