The Moment A 4-Year-Old Boy Bring Home A Baby Deer He Befriends In The Woods

A little boy astounded his mother when he came home with a baby deer after playing in the woods. In what can only be described as a cuteness overload, a four-year-old boy befriended a baby deer and brought it home from the woods. The adorable photo of Dominic, 4, and his little deer friend has brought smiles to millions around the world after his mum Stephanie Brown snapped a photo of the pair.

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It quickly went viral after she posted the photo on Facebook, with more than 20,000 people sharing the pure moment. A four-year-old boy surprised his mother by bringing a baby deer back home with him during a holiday. Its an experience they will both never forget after he brought home his new friend that he made while playing in the nearby woods in the Massanutten resort in Virginia. Stephanie says while she was taking things out of the fridge, she heard Dominic's footsteps at the door as he cleaned off his boots. She saw was definitely taken by surprise when she peeked around the corner.